The Connecticut Towns Softball League was formed to give High School Girls who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to play, the opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and supportive environment.  The emphasis is on good sportsmanship!  There are no playoffs, or trophies being played for.

The below signed Coach Conduct Contract is to be honored. If a complaint is lodged by an umpire, or fellow coach an investigation by a designated league official will occur.  If the contract was deemed to be broken suspension of the coach could be the penalty.  

Coaches will treat all players, parents, spectators, opposing coaches, umpires and league officials with respect.  With out umpires, opponents, and league officials, there is no game.  

The coach is responsible for modeling and ensuring that their team’s assistant coaches, players, spectators, family and friends, exhibit respect for all.

Coaches will always be positive role models.  

As relates to umpires-Negative comments, suggestions of negative intentions, suggestions of bias or unfair calls by umpires will not be tolerated. 

Coaches will display and instill in their players the principals of good sportsmanship and team play.

Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.

Coaches will do their best to provide the players a positive experience.

Coaches will ensure that winning and/or losing teams do so in a manner, which exhibits respect and good sportsmanship.

Coaches will provide instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive.

Coaches will not ridicule or demean players, other coaches or umpires.

Coaches will not tolerate behavior that endangers the health or well-being of a child.

Coaches will comply with the decisions of league officials and observe all rules, policy and procedure as established or endorsed by the Connecticut Towns Softball League (CTSL).

Coaches will teach the game of softball to the best of their ability.

Coaches will be drug and alcohol free while at any CTSL athletic event

Coaches will not use any tobacco products in the dugout or on the playing field.

Coaches acknowledge the need to demonstrate fundamental proficiency with respect to the game of softball.

Coaches will ensure that their players are eligible to play as regards age, or grade, pending current league rules.

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